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18 months ago I heard of a family struggling to deal with the death of their father. A man murdered outside his own home. The police and press Dubbed it The Gangland execution of Salford’s Mr Big by self proclaimed Hitman Mark Fellows.
The police and press called him a gangland figure, Kelly calls him Dad.
Who was Paul Massey and why was he murdered ?.
Why was he seen as a Gangland figure by agencies and why was he so respected as a Conflict Resolution Go to by Britain Criminal element and loved by so many?
Paul was by far from perfect but was he really the danger to society the police said he was, his children say no and are fighting to tell truth.
Why did the police fail to deliver the Osman warning before his brutal murder ?.
These are some of the many questions we ask in our book

A Salford Lad: The Truth about Paul Massey


My 3rd book, 1st collaboration with Paul Daughter Kelly Massey and Gangland Journalist Steve Wraith.
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