Research Suggested that CBD Oil Could Help To Treat Diabetes

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Although many people with diabetes resort to CBD oil to help control their sugar levels, the physicians, however, will not recommend it as a treatment unless there are researches and exact reasons that prove the hemp oil benefits for diabetes.

Fortunately, along with the treatment potentials of CBD oil treating anxiety, CBD for depression, and cancer, benefits of medical marijuana for diabetes has also been a popular topic of research among researchers.

A research scientist from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, has done researches as to what body parts react to the naturally-occurring CBD receptors, and found out that everybody part, the organs, brain, nervous and immune system, all respond to it, the one organ where the receptors are found to be highly active in the pancreas.

CB-1 receptors or endocannabinoid have been particularly found in the precise location of insulin production, that is the organ’s islet cells. Furthermore, there seems to be a direct link between the production of insulin and the stimulus of these receptors that are present in the islet cells of the body.

CBD works towards halting the advancement of diabetes and reducing the neuropathic pain through its powerful anti-inflammation and antioxidant properties. Obesity is the primary risk factor for type-2 diabetes, as it leads to insulin resistance. Use of CBD among people with diabetes has shown to result in the decreased need for insulin in patients.

In 2013, American Journal of Medicine published the results of a five-year-long study about the CBD oil effects on insulin resistance and fasting insulin. According to the research, respondents who had never use cannabis showed 16% higher levels of fasting insulin.

What is Cannabis/ what is CBD?

CBD is a non-psychoactive derivative of cannabinoid, unlike THC, the one that gives the usual high. In recent years, the oil has gained popularity because of its healing and therapeutic benefits, also because of its ability to treat conditions like chronic pains, depression and anxiety, arthritis, inflammation and many others.

Main Benefits of Cannabis Oil for Diabetes

Restricted Insulin Resistance: The research published in the American Journal of Medicine showed considerably lower fasting insulin levels in users of cannabis when compared to non-users. Patients who presently used cannabis also showed lower levels of blood glucose levels, when compared to past users or non-users.

Precluding Obesity: Although there are still no conclusive studies resulting in a relationship between cannabis and BMI, there always seems to be a ray of hope through some researches and surveys conducted. Among the researches, two studies had pointed out lower BMI and reduced obesity among users. Another research done on rats proved that use of cannabis had resulted in significant weight loss and it also protected the pancreatic islets, the organ that produces insulin.

Lowering Inflammation: CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties, and its use, along with working on diabetes, also works towards cardiovascular diseases.

So if you’re looking for utilizing CBD oil for Diabetes or any other ailment, you can very well avail it and start using it, and see how it helps your condition get better.


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