ON THIS DAY IN GANGLAND. – OCTOBER 20TH 1940 Essex gangster/businessman Eddie Blundell was born and today celebrates his 81st birthday.

Eddie Blundell was a genuine hard man. Hes been in Borstal and prisons; in his youth he was involved in stealing and slaughtering’lorries. He’s been shot by rivals in Ilford High Road and at a pop-concert attended by 100,000 people he and his ‘crew’ had mauled the rampaging Hells Angels who were taking over the festival and interfering with his fleet of ice-cream vans.
On leaving Borstal Eddie decided to concentrate on making what he called ‘real money’. In his very early twenties he bought an ice-cream van and went on to build a hugely successful business, Piccadilly Whip. It made him a millionaire.
For thirty years from the 60s, his success was won and maintained with muscle. There were the Turks and the Italian ice-cream men as well as Eddie, all of them vying for the choice sites in London – The Tower, Hyde Park, Madame Tussauds, Speakers Corner, Park Lane.
They fought with fists, with bottles, iron bars or whatever was at hand. Fortunately for Eddie there were always enough corrupt senior policemen to ease his way.
Eddie’s book ‘Top Drawer Villain ‘ is a great little read and available from Amazon.

Happy birthday Eddie Blundell.

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