Fitted up by Essex Police: Ricky Percival is Innocent

In December 2006, Ricky Percival, was sentenced to four life sentences with a minimum tariff of 28 years for a string of crimes he did not commit.
It was completely based on evidence that didn’t exist. The false charges include; the murder of Dean Boshell; attempted murder of three members of the Tretton Family; possession of a firearm, robbery, and perverting the course of justice. The conviction is based on a statement from Damon Alvin, the original prime suspect in this murder enquiry.
Unfortunately for Ricky, Damon was acting as a police informant in order to clear his own name.
He was found guilty on the evidence of his former friend, Damon Alvin, who had originally been charged with the murder, but then turned queens evidence against Percival.
Percival’s mother, Sandy, maintains her son’s innocence.
She said: “All the legal team said there was no case, but he got convicted with not one bit of evidence, just someone’s word.
“Ricky was a criminal, but not the big criminal, not one of the Essex Boys.”
The deceased was a 24-year-old petty criminal and police informant who was used as a getaway driver in an alleged shooting.
In 2011, Percival passed a lie detector test claiming he was innocent, which holds no ground here in the UK.
Was this another stitch up in the world of the ESSEX, POLICE & INFORMANTS?
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