The importance of this Murder in relation to the Rettendon case cannot be over stated.
Both Essex and Kent police have ignored new leads and evidence that would potentially solve this case and The Rettendon Murders.
The TM Eye Murder and Serious Crime Review Team are investigating the Murder of the British saloon car champion Nick Whiting, whose body was found dumped on Rainham Marshes, Essex on 2nd July 1990.
Nick Whiting had been kidnapped on 7 June 1990 from his garage ‘All Car Equipe’ in Wrotham Heath, Kent. Five high-performance cars were also stolen. They were all recovered within a few days.
Nick Whiting had been tortured, stabbed nine times and shot twice. Police stated that they thought that he had been beaten, bound and gagged and then put into the boot of a car before being taken to the marshes and then frog-marched for two miles before being shot in the head and buried.
Three men were arrested for the Murder but were never tried. The circumstances are disturbing.
The TM Eye team have identified an ‘eye witness’ who originally gave evidence about the Murder of Nick Whiting in January 1996, when he also admitted his role in the Murders of Pat Tate, Tony Tucker and Craig Rolfe in Rettendon on 6th December 1995, known as, ‘The Essex Boys Murders’.
Essex police failed to investigate or disclose this vital evidence to the Kent Murder team. An extensive ‘cover up’ took place to bury this evidence and that relating to the Rettendon Murders.
Essex police also failed to pass on information from a Metroplitan Police registered informant at the time of the Murder that could have saved Nick Whitings life.
Both the Whiting and Rettendon Murders are ‘mired’ in police corruption.
There are concerns that Essex police are engaged in a similar cover up to that exposed in the recently published Daniel Morgan Report, to protect corrupt officers because of potential reputational damage to the force.
The TM Eye team have attempted to pass the new evidence to Kent Police without success.
Neither force will meet the highly experienced retired career senior homicide detectives of TM Eye to be briefed on the findings and new evidence in either of the Murder cases. Two men, Michael Steele and Jack Whomes, remain convicted of the Rettendon Murders in what appears one of the worst miscarriage of justice cases in years.
Any serving or retired police officers with knowledge of the case can contact the TM Eye Murder and Serious Crime Team in complete confidence on email;
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