The Sunak Files



In 2011, PM David Cameron was introduced to Indian Billionaire N. R. Narayana Murthy and his son-on-law Rishi Sunak. Less than 4 years later William Hague resigns from the safest Tory seat in the UK. In steps Sunak as the new MP for Richmond in Yorkshire and by 2020 is appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer. Despite losing a Conservative leadership election to a mediocre opponent – WEF Sunak is ‘appointed’ PM by 120 WEF MP’s. In 2020, Sunak’s mentor Hague endorsed Joe Biden for U.S. president over incumbent Donald Trump, arguing that a “Biden victory was in the UK’s interest”. Sunak holds Biden in the highest regard despite the corruption detailed on Hunter Biden’s laptop – just for starters. Support for Sunak is support for the planned destruction of the West.

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