It was on this day in 1969, that Essex boy Craig Rolfe was born. Today he would of been 54 years old .
The Rettendon murders (also known as the Range Rover murders or Essex murders) occurred on December 6th 1995. Three drug dealers, Tony Tucker (38), Patrick Tate (37) and Craig Rolfe (26) were shot dead in a Range Rover down a small farm track called ‘Workhouse Lane’ in the village of Rettendon in Essex.
Craig Rolfe, a small time drug dealer had came from a troubled background. His father had been murdered by his mother’s lover. His mother who was pregnant at the time, was also deemed to be involved in the murder and ended up in Holloway prison where she gave birth to Rolfe.
Jack Whomes and Michael Steele, were convicted of the murders on January 20th 1998 after an Old Bailey trial, and sentenced to life imprisonment.
It is now widely believed that the wrong two men were convicted of the murders.
Since their conviction , both men continuously challenged their convictions, but have so far been unsuccessful in getting them overturned,
Jack Whomes secured his release in 2021 after showing ‘exemplary behaviour’ whilst behind bars. But in 2016, Mick Steeke sued the ministry of justice for £100,000 after he was battered unconscious in a jail assault by a gang of Muslims. He was beaten with a steel pot in a kitchen after an argument over the use of a telephone.
The case was eventually thrown out. But they are pissed with Mick and in my opinion, the only way he will leave prison will be in a box.
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