Warren Slaney: The So Called Hot Dog Wars

‘Hotdog Wars’ Murder case is examined

Warren Slaney

Campaigners claim Warren Slaney was wrongly convicted

A man jailed for life over Leicester’s “hotdog murders” is having his case examined by the Criminal Cases Review Commission, it has emerged.Warren Slaney has spent the last 15 years in prison for the double murder of so called hotdog tycoon Gary Thompson and his employee, John Weston.

All three men were involved in the fast-food trade. Slaney has always maintained his innocence.

The review commission has the power to refer cases to the Appeal Court.

The murders happened at a time when gangs were battling small businessmen over profitable hotdog pitches in Leicester.

‘Doubt cast’

Slaney was also convicted of robbery in the case in 1990.

Russ Spring, campaign support worker for the Miscarriages of Justice Organisation, who has been working with the Slaney family, said: “Warren Slaney has always insisted that he was innocent, that he took no part in the robbery or the murders.”

He said there were several areas that cast doubt on the conviction.

“There was always the matter of him having nine alibi witnesses and there was a description given by eye witnesses at the murder that didn’t fit Warren Slaney,” said Mr Spring.

“And now, over the years, other witnesses have now come forward which cast further doubt on the conviction.”

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