Trouble is on the horizon this weekend & it is all being organised by an actual leader of Hamas. Those of you that march on these protests & say you are marching for peace are about to be humiliated. If you are marching for Peace like you say, why did these pro Hamas marches start the day after the attack on Israel on October the 7th and for the week or so after before Israel responded ? At that point Israel had not responded and they had just saw 1400 women and children butchered …so why did you attend pro Palestine protests waiving the Palestine flag ? If you attended these protests to fight for Peace then why did none of the protesters have Israel flags ? If you attended these protests to fight for peace why did nobody call for the release of Israeli hostages ? If you attended these protests to fight for peace why has nobody called for Hamas to put down their weapons ? These so called pro Palestine protests are just pro Hamas protests & you are too cowardly to admit it…Hamas are actually organising these protests ! Where did the thousands of Palestine flags come from just in time for these pro Hamas protests ? The day after the massacre in Isreal thousands of Palestine flags were everywhere ? There are Islamic extremists that had knowledge of the attacks in Israel before it happened & are rolling out their plan to wage Jihad on all western nations at the same time. The usual useful idiots have been weaponised against the public once again they will be the blades of grass were the snakes will hide before they attack us. These marches are actually organised by Hamas…look at the massive increase of violence against Jews & members of the public ! The people that support these pro Hamas protests are traitors & a real risk to our national security.

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