BREAKING NEWS: Andrew Tate and Tristian Tate Have Been Arrested Again


 This arrest is much more sinister and disturbing though than the last one. The details of what just happened may make you 1776 levels of angry. This was not the doing of some random officials in a small country. Disgustingly, one of the most powerful governments in the world is actually behind it. UK authorities reached their authoritarian arm over 1000 miles away and commanded their arrests in Romania. Surely they must have just done something really bad to deserve an arrest warrant from the United Kingdom, right? NOPE! They were ripped from their home by men with guns over BS allegations from an entire f*cking decade ago. The charges are related to allegations of “sexual aggression” (whatever tf that means) in a U.K. case dating back to 2012 through 2015. Not recent. Not substantiated. On the contrary, the Tate brothers have shown overwhelming evidence the accusations against them are false. Yet here we are with them having to spend even more time behind bars, after already being held unjustly for months by Romanian authorities who couldn’t even pinpoint legitimate charges against them despite trying very hard. Make no mistake… this is not justice or even the pursuit of it. This is further punishment by the global elites for daring to challenge them. Soon freedom will be dead across the globe if the evil people behind these horrendous misuses of the legal system are not stopped!

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