Poddy Mouth Cannabis Strain

 Poddy Mouth earned its unique name through R&D at Ridgeline

Farms due to its dazzling trichome covered bracts, aka pods.

Originally selected in their 2020 Pheno Hunt, Poddy Mouth stood

out from thousands of cultivars and quickly became a favorite.

Serial Emerald Cup winner Ridgeline Farms asked for

some hot new genetics, and this one really stood out for him.

This line guarantees you’ll have bag appeal and moves off the

shelf quickly, making your outdoor look like indoor and your

indoor like it’s from another planet. Selection of this line was

based primarily on appearance but it does have gassy terps with

a hint of sweetness. The super stoney high comes on quickly for

both head and body, with euphoric and relaxing effects.

Poddy Mouth is sure to make waves in 2024 and help your farm keep its head above water.

Author: Hydroponify

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