Which Growing Medium is Right for You?

When choosing the right growing medium, there are many variables for the grower to account for. It is essential that you understand your medium before you start. This article will delve deeper into the different growing mediums available for hydroponic use.


What is a medium?
A medium is a porous substance, which holds the roots of a plant from seedling to harvest. A healthy root system is vital for a successful yield
The complexity of the different growing mediums allows the grower to adapt their garden to their specific skill level – what you are most comfortable with.



Various soil mixes exist within hydroponics, each giving a different benefit. Some are pre-washed so that small amounts of additives and supplements are needed, whilst some contain very little nutrition to give you greater control. This allows for a flexible grow schedule.

A lot of the time Soil will be combined with other ingredients depending on what their main purpose is for. These include things like worm castings, bone meal, beneficial microbes, lime and bat guano – All of these help by adding natural Micro and Marco elements to the soil. The positives range from helping with water-holding capacity, working as a natural fertilizer, helping with structure and managing the pH.

Recommended brands of soil include Bio-Bizz and Canna


Coco Coir
Coco is a hydroponic medium which is made the husks of coconut shells. It is naturally rich in potassium as it decays, so companies treat their coco in order to make it safe for your plants. The differences between soil and coco are vast Such as the pH of coco is between 5.5 and 6.5. Unlike soil coco holds only 250ml per litre of coco. Coco is meant to not hold a lot of water you put in, this is because every time you feed you are replenishing the medium you would water every 1-2 days and aim to get about 10-20 percent Runoff from the bottom of the pot. Fungus including Mycoryzhe forms symbiotic relationships with the root systems.

It is recommended that you try Ecothrive’s Neutralise and Biosys to ensure a thriving rhizosphere to give you the best yields yet!


This little helper instantly gets rid of chlorine and chloramines, so you can use your water for feeding straight away. Recommended for those who do not use RO water.


This microbial friend is going to be right by your side through your whole grow. Multiple strains of mycoryze fungi and beneficial bacteria, which promote synergistic and symbiotic relationships with the roots of your plant, breaking down nutrients whilst delivering oxygen.

Coco friendly suppliers include Canna and Ecothrive


Which Growing Medium is Right for You?

Rockwool is an inert medium used in hydroponics, and so is completely free of nutrients. It is usually available in a pH balanced type, though this can differ between brands so it is worth checking before buying

You can find Rockwool in a variety of different forms including: propagation cubes, or vertical slabs and blocks.

Rockwool is most used for propagating seeds to then transplant to an appropriate pot.

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