Armed Robber Mickey Calvey was born. Mickey was the husband of Linda Calvey who us better known as the black widow. He would of been 83 years old today.
Calvey was executed by the Metropolitan Police on a robbery at Cater’s Supermarket in Eltham in December 1978.
He was shot in the back by Det. Sgt. Michael Banks after three other accomplices fled the scene of the supermarket Raid on a Securicor Van
The police officer later stood trial for the shooting where Mickey’s wife Linda Calvey shouted at him that he was a ‘Murderer’.
But the police closed ranks just as they always do and Banks was acquitted of all charges, explaining that the fact Mickey Calvey was shot in the back was due to the ‘way he was standing’ rather than that of shooting a fleeing man.
To add insult to injury to Calvey’s family, the officer was later given an award for bravery.
Our thoughts are with the Calvey family today – Melanie Calvey Neil Fletch Fletcher and Linda.
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