NEVER deal with the FAKE bailiffs for Council TAX, they are simply NOT ‘bailiffs’, just ‘DEBT COLLECTORS’

If they take anything it is THEFT. If they break in it is called BURGLARY.
Report them for these criminal offences if they attempt to take anything.
They simply do not have a Warrant or Court Order.
The only way they can take anything is if you agree to give it to them.
They are Debt Collectors, NOT Bailiffs: Take a Picture of the Warrant – they use fake ones!
The Council are just trying to farm the work load out to their monkey.
Simply refuse and ONLY deal with the Organ Grinder:
The fake Bailiffs (debt collectors) for Council TAX actually have no authority because they are simple sub-contracted companies acting with NO COURT ORDER:
Not only that, as a sub-contractor they are breaching the Tribunal Courts and Enforcement Act 2007:
ONLY deal with the COUNCIL for Council Tax, they are the only LEGAL ENTITY that has the authority (of the Crown shown by a Coat of Arms) to levy a TAX.
Follow the 4 letter process to get the Council to take the issue off their unauthorised debt collector:
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