Blood On WEF Macrons Hands Amidst Asylum Seeker Rampage.

In Annecy France the MSM is trying to cover for the crimes of a Syrian ‘refugee’ by saying he is a “Christian with mental health problems”. The facts are, this illegal Syrian migrant has demonically stabbed infants in their prams, perhaps infiltrating the church as his cover? This ‘asylum seeker’ is yet another one of the millions of ‘unknowns’ taken in by WEF Macron in order to change the demographics of his country – regardless of who suffers. The old narratives of “we will learn from this….we stand shoulder to shoulder with good migrants” will be sickeningly pedalled once again”. We see the same in the UK and US as ‘migrant’ crimes head off the charts. British citizens MUST have rigorous background checks before working with the vulnerable. Illegals with no documentation, do not have these checks as they are without I.D – hence we are forced into a case of Russian roulette. The blood of these tiny innocents is on Macrons WEF hands.


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