The driver of a bright-orange Fiat Punto has been jailed for ramming an Audi S1 three times, forcing the occupant to run for his life.
28-year-old Brian Kendall, of Kirkholt, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, was sat in his Fiat Punto at a petrol station waiting for his girlfriend, when two cars – an Audi S1 and a BMW-1 Series – pulled up alongside. Kendall overheard the Audi driver, 22-year-old Harris Wolfenden say to his friend, Scott Kirkbride, who was driving the BMW: “My car’s faster than yours”.
Kendall heard those five fateful words and wrongly believed they were aimed at his car. Infuriated that his bright-orange Fiat Punto had been disrespected, father-of-two Kendall gave chase, pulling alongside both cars at traffic lights near Heywood town centre, winding his window down and shouting: ‘What the fuck were you saying at the petrol station you little shit?'”.
He then drove onto a pavement to block the Audi, reversing towards it at speed before turning round so the cars were bumper to bumper, and then rammed it three times.
One of the terrified passengers in the Audi got out but was driven at twice by Kendall forcing him to dive down a stairwell. He suffered a wound to his right knee, whilst damage to the Audi was estimated at £3,500.
At Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court, Kendall was jailed for 28 months after he admitted causing grievous bodily harm, dangerous driving and criminal damage. He was also banned from driving for 26 months which will start when he is freed from jail. Interestingly, the Court did not order him to attend an anger management course, which he clearly needs.

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